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Here you will find some general information on reservations, booking options and prices. If you have any questions or remarks, please feel free to contact us.

Price lists.

You can rent an apartment starting from € 230 per period.

You can rent an apartment in Ostrea for a week, a midweek, a weekend or a combination of these. There are a few different price lists applicable:

What is included in the rent?

The rent per accommodation includes tourist tax, Cost of water and electricity and use of the car park.

Additional costs (mandatory):

  • Service fee € 16,00 per booking.
  • Bed linen package € 8,00 per person.
  • Deposit € 100,00 per accommodation.


If you make a reservation with Ostrea for two consecutive weeks or longer in one apartment, you will receive a discount of:

  • € 60.00 for a 2-room apartment in Ostrea.
  • € 75.00 for a 3-room apartment in Ostrea.
  • € 80.00 for a 4-room apartment in Ostrea.
  • € 95.00 for a penthouse in Ostrea.

Renting periods.

There are three different time frames for renting an apartment (with the exception of the summer months, during which only weekly rental is possible from Friday till Friday or from Saturday till Saturday):

  • A week (from Friday till Friday, from Saturday till Saturday or from Monday till Monday).
  • A midweek (from Monday till Friday).
  • A weekend (from Friday till Monday).

During the off-season periods, we will gladly make an exception for you. Please contact us by phone if you have such a request.


Upon arrival, you will pay a deposit of € 100,00 in cash. Within 14 days of your departure this deposit will be returned to your account if the accommodation is left clean enough and no damages occurred.

Trip Cancellation Insurance.

The costs that occur if you cancel the booking of your accommodation can be covered by participating in the trip cancellation fund. The fee for participating in the trip cancellation fund is 5% of the total amount. Please specify during the booking process that you would like to participate in the trip cancellation fund. You will receive the terms and conditions for participation in the trip cancellation fund together with the booking confirmation.


Do you require a babysitter? We can arrange it for you. When making your reservation, please specify whether you need a babysitter during your stay.

Arrival and Departure.

At the day of arrival your accommodation will be available at 15:00 hours. At the day of departure your accommodation will have to be cleared at 10:00 hours. Please contact Ostrea for the transfer of the key that provides access to your accommodation and the deposit.


Pets are allowed in a limited number of accommodations at a surcharge of € 3,50 per night per pet. When making your reservation, please indicate that you bring a pet.

Linen Packages.

Upon request, kitchen towels, bath towels and/or extra bed linen packages are available to you for use in your accommodation. The available sets are:

  • Bed linen package (1 duvet cover, 1 mattress cover and 1 pillowslip) € 8,00.
  • Towels set (1 bath towel, 1 towel and 1 washcloth) € 4,00.
  • Kitchen linen set (2 tea towels and 1 towel) € 3,00.

You can also use the Bed making Service.

Bed making service.

We make the beds for you so you do not have to do that when you arrive in your apartment. The additional cost for this service is € 7.00 per person multiplied by the number of people staying in the apartment. When making your reservation, you can indicate whether you want to make use of this Service


The launderette is situated near the lounge where you can wash and dry your laundry. Coins for the washing machines and dryer are available at Ostrea. You can choose from the following options:

  • Washing machine (including a free pocket of washing powder) € 5,00 per coin.
  • Dryer € 4,00 per coin.


You might prefer a specific accommodation or location (if available). A few options are (please specify during the booking process):

  • Duplex or ground floor.
  • On the ground floor, first floor or the second.
  • With 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms.
  • With or without dishwasher.
  • With or without pet.
  • Views of sea, forest and/or dunes.
  • With balcony and/or (roof)terrace.
  • With morning, afternoon and/or evening sun.
  • The same accommodation as last time.

Service fee.

We charge you a service fee of € 16,00 per booking when making or changing a reservation.


All accommodations feature free wireless internet (WiFi). The name of the network and the password for access are listed in the information folder in the apartment.


This information is provided with the reservation of print and copy errors. Prices may be changed without previous notice.
All prices are in euros and include value added tax

More information

If you have any questions, please contact Ostrea.